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2011/58 island of Vis. Detached house (unfinished)

Ref : 2011/58


Plats :



F√∂rs√§ljningspris : 149 .000 ‚ā¨

Beskrivning :

Bostadsyta : 60 m²
Mark i anspråk : 287 m²
Avstånd från havet : 10 m



Detached house (unfinished) on the island of Vis in the beautiful small bay (first line to sea), layout area of 60 m2 (possibility of 2 floors) + garden of 287 m2 building.

The bay is located just 10 minutes by following the path from the village Marinje Earth. The bay on the south side of the island with a small pebble beach and sloping flat panels around it. Access road to the house is a fire (roads), and power supply current required to Solar.


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